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Eiche & Max

Both Eiche and Max are my nephews and the sons of Paul. The word Eiche is German for Oak. Eiche is now over two years old now and is really starting to act like a child indted of a baby. Instead of calling me Gee, he now calls me Unca Gimps. He loves to be chased and run around. He always enjoys playing basketball. Eiche can recognize almost all of the letters of the alphabet and knows the order of the numbers 1, 2, 3. Max is still quite young, not quite three months yet. Max smiles a lot and likes to be carried around and talked to. Max always centers in on noise so if you talk to him he'll look right at you.


Paul and Mike are married and Matt and Phil are singles. Paul is married to a wonderful woman named Elizabeth, Betsy is what we call her though. Paul and Betsy live within fifteen minuted from where I do. Mike married Kim, a lovely woman. They just bought a house in Tucson, Arizona. Kim is expecting a baby in March (probably a boy if I know my Gardner genes). They live across the city from my best friend, Nick . Matt just bought a condo in the Solana Beach area. Phil lives in a house somewhere in Carlsbad. All of my brothers are engineers of some kind. Paul and Phil are computer engineers. Matt is a mechanical engineer, And Mike is a civil engineer. Phil is a great cook and even cooks dinner for us sometimes.


My parents names are Joan Mary Gardner and Paul Charles Gardner. They are both in their fifties. They argue and fight all day and give me all the work. I often ask why they botherd having me but I get no answer. Just kidding, they're great parents (even though they are in their fifties). I have the best time in the house because I have no work to do. They do everything. I have a wonderfull Grandma that lives about a half an hour away from were I live. She is kind and generous. I have a lot of aunts and uncles (too many to name) as well as a lot of cousins. I have quite a few relatives in Germany. They just invited mywhole family to take a trip over there next spring.

Here's the theme from the Pink Panther to give you someting to listen to while you read about my family.