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This is my first attempt at a webpage so it won't be perfect but I think it's pretty good. I made this page so that people can find out who I am and what my life is like. On this page you can find news about my family, things about me, a small library of graphics (not yet up), and links to some of my favorite sites. I would now like to thank my brother Paul. If he hadn't introduced me to computers and taught me how to use them I probably wouldn't be doing this. You can find out a little more about him by going to my family page. By the way, if you find anything on my site that you find is offensive to you or your friends and family please email me about it with "rude" in the subject line. Also, if you see anything that is copyrighted or otherwise protected please tell me and I will remove it immeadiately.

Updates and News


I just added a news ticker to this page (above). I will add it to all the pages either today or tomorrow.

My mom has just decided to run for a position on the schoolboard. If you live in Escondido don't forget to vote for my mom, Joan Gardner. Thank you.


I have put my "Graphics" page on hold for now. I will be on hold indefinately. on another note my "Advice" page is up. Its URL is If you need any advice go there.

I just made a rather large update to the "Jokes" section. Finishing the pictures page is taking longer than I thought so look for it in about a week or so.

I'm working on advice page that will be finished soon. I'll keep you posted!


We had two potential buyers looking at our house today. One brought an architect. I will put up a section called "Pictures either today or tomorrow.


My thanks go out to all of you that prayed for my father. He is doing much better. No longer is his scab oozing and his back hurting. The doctors say it will be at least another 5 weeks until his chest has healed.

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Mozart's Eine Kleine Nacht Musik

This is my favorite piece of music ever written! It was written by my favorite composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. If you are useing Quicktime as your music player it should sound pretty close to the original if not it will sound very synthesized.

James Gardner

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