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Updates and News


Mike and Kim's baby was born! I now have three nephews!


Made it just in time. I just got my graphics page up. Justin came up with the idea and we worked together until it was finished. Now it's up and runing, and we've even had a couple of jobs already. Take a look and tell me what you think: GG Graphics.


I always update later than 11:00. I don't know why, I just seem to enjoy doing this when it's late. Anyway, Mike and Kim's baby won't be here for a while, maybe not even in March. Anyway, Easter is just around the corner so I just wanted to wish you a "happy Easter". I'll probably forget to update on Easter sunday so this is the best you can hope for (hehehe).


Well, there won't be too many updates for a while. I'm working on a webpage with a friend. Justin Garret to be exact. I'll still be updating every now and then, just not as often as I'd like. My next nephew (I hope it'll be a boy) will be born in 10-15 days. As soon a posible I'll have pictures of him up soon. That's it for now.


Well, I just got my internet privlages shortened. I've been playin way too much TRIBES and SS. The good news is that now I have some time to work on my re-write of the school HTML tutorial. Welp, I'd better get back to work.


Sorry about the recent lack of updates. I've been busy with OF and TRIBES. I'm an SOS representative. Anyway, TRIBES is a great game. It's hard to stop playing sometimes.
Another cool thing is that my brother, Mike, and his wife, Kim, will be having a baby that will be born in March. They want it to be a suprise, so I don't know if it will be a boy or girl.
Oh and another thing, I'm now a student helper in my Tech-Ed class. One period a day I'm able to do what I love: work with computers.


I got TRIBES a while ago and have been playing it since! It's an amazing game! If you love team games, you'll love tribes. Check out Tribesplayers!
You'll also want to visit my friend Justin's Page! You may also want to check out his free e-mail service at Justin Mail!


Well, I put together a form for you to send me your suggestions and the like. You find it here at the Suggestion Form This way, it will be easier to send me your feedback! So get your butt over there and send me your suggestions.


Welp, the software for a new mouse that I got for Christmas just happened to ruin my computer. It didn't allow me into windows. My brother Paul, spent quite a few hours trying to figure out the problem. In the end we just installed Windows 98. Since I'm back up again, I would like to apologize for my absense. Anyway, I hope that your holiday season was a time full of joy and that you were with your family.


My brother gave me an early Christmas present! It's a Monster 3D card! He helped me install it and now Starsiege plays faster, looks better, and has less lag then ever before! I will also probably be getting a Cox@Home cable modem! Man, isn't life great!


Well, I added music to all of my pages. I hope you like the music, but if you don't I can change it. All you'd have to do is e-mail me.


Well, there hasn't really been anything interesting happening around here for a while. Since I have had a little free time on my hands right now, I added a small update to the jokes section. Since Christmas I coming I will have pictures of my house while decorated and of my Cristmas tree.


Well, I got my pics page updated sooner then I thought I would. I was able to add links to full size pictures of all the picture that were already there. Check out my new Pics page.

It's about 12:30AM here. I've been trying out my editor and have finally gotten my Starsiege page. My picture page will be updated soon. So check back in about a week.


I just got a new HTML editor and I will start FTPing my updates insted of going through the browser. This means that I will make more updates more often and even add a couple of pages. I just updated my Family page so check it out. I hope to update my Picture page.


Yesterday I got the best game of the year! For those of you that don't know what that is, it's The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. Its better than I could have imagined! If you have an N64 buy this game if you haven't already.


A little while ago, I got the demo of a game called Starsiege. Starsiege is a game much like Mech Warrior. My brother Paul and I joined a squad called the Orion Faction. I will have a page dealing with Stasiege up soon.


My Mom just got on the Escondido Union School District Elementary School board! I just hope that she does a good job.


Sorry about the lack of updates but I've been busy moving into our new house. I will have some pics of the house by next friday. Eiche is calling me Gimps insted of Gee now, and he is starting to form sentances as well.


Well, I finally got some pictures up. You can find them here: Pics


Oh, by the way. I am Max's godfather.


Well, my second nephew Max was born yesterday around 4:30PM.

If you fon't know by now, this is the theme from Indiana Jones. One of the best movies that I've ever seen.