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On this page I'm going to share my limited knowlege of Starsiege with you. I'll start with a quick overview. Starsiege is the third game in the Earthsiege series. Starsiege is a game like Mech Warrior, where you fight in big, fully customizable HERCs.

Our logos are shown above.

My brother Paul and I play Starsiege a lot and are part of a faction called "Orion Faction". Factions are basically people banded together playing a game. You can look at their website here: Orion Faction Central. I'm an SOS (Squadmate Orientation Service) representative. I help people get used to all the programs OF uses and the deferent parts and services of the OF home page. I usually have two or three recruits at a time. My callsign is Target Practis and Paul's is Pincushion. Our logos are shown above. My friend Justin is Skullbasher.
If you want to find out more about Starsiege visit the official Starsiege website. You can find out anything you want to know about Starsiege there. I recommend visiting the site if you're interested in Starsiege. You will be able to ask questions via their furom.

Another game based on the Earthsiege series is called Starsiege Tribes. insted of being in control of mechs, you are a member of a tribe fighting for supremacy. This game was built from the ground up to be a multiplayer game. I have seen screenshots of the game and have read the reviews. I think that most of you that like first person shooters will like this game. Find out about it here: I found everthing about Tribes that I wanted. If you're into first person shooters, of team games then you must check this out.

James Gardner